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Hopefully here, you will find articles to read that will help you in some way.

There are many people that have written something about homeschooling, or have kept something they have come across. Please send it in to be shared with the rest of the community by emailing it to, with the subject line "homeschool article".  Please include references and credits to all work, if possible. 

Alternative Education

How to Answer the Socialization Question Once and For All

Children and Stress: Are You Pushing Your Child Too Hard?

Homeschooling . . . It Works!

Home Education and Why itís a Good Idea

HOMESCHOOL-Where Do I Begin?

Homeschooled Kids: But What About Socialization?

Second, false educational ideas:

What is self-reliance in Education?

A Homegrown Alternative

No school, no books, no teacher's dirty looks

Schools push kids too hard, too early

More Reasons To Homeschool

The Education of Thomas Edison

The Home as an Educational Institution

Young Children and Formal Education

John Dewey: School and Society

First things First in Home Education

Children and Stress

My Son Just Would Not Read


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